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It is extremely risky for a single manager to decide such important matters alone!Speak with one of our specialists - they may have a surprising solution for you!

  • What is the one thing you absolutely cannot do when passing on your business to a relative?
  • Do you know how to reduce your tax burden during business succession?
  • And there's always the option to safely pass on your business to a third party, as well.
  • Tax simulations are incredibly important in mergers, transfers, company segmentation, and other corporate restructuring schemes.
  • You ought to make full use of M&As during business selection and concentration!
  • Do you know about MBOs, where a business is passed on to non-relatives?
  • There may be nothing worse than choosing to give up the business (liquidation)!?
  • Have you thought about retirement plans for managers prior to considering reorganization?
  • It is possible to remove a manager's bank guarantee.
  • If you don't consider taxation benefits, will you be hit with a sizable tax bill when reorganizing group companies?
  • Bank negotiations are a breeze when you've got support in creating business improvement plans from an authorized support organization like ourselves!
  • What are the 3 things you need to do before reorganizing your company?
  • Considering Southeast Asia in your future corporate vision is a given these days.

We can be of great use to these kinds of companies!

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 (up to 2 hours per session).

Companies and their managers will move in vastly different directions when using an advisor when compared to those companies that don't use an advisor for business succession, M&A, business selection and concentration, corporate restructuring, group reorganization, and MBO.

Benefits of Using One of Our Business Succession Advisors

Total support before, during, and after business succession

The period before passing on a business is actually very important, especially from the point of view of the former CEO. He or she needs to be able to share concrete ideas, such as the future vision and methods for preventing declining stock price, with his or her children after speaking with a legal expert. After the business has been passed on, it is often necessary to figure out the retirement plan of the former CEO.

What do you do when your business succession has failed?

There are many cases of failed business successions. In cases where the president was allowed to do certain things but didn't do them well, there are a variety of options in rethinking the plan. Even when a successor who inherited the stocks turns out to be a "prodigal son" of sorts, there are still options, albeit less than in other cases. To put it another way, there are always options available. You may be in quite a state of anxiety, but through consultations, we can help you find a way out.

Are you aware of the new schemes for reducing the tax burden for long-established companies and medical practices during business succession?

The "System of deferral of payment of inheritance tax and gift tax on non-listed shares" applies to long-established companies and the "System of deferral of payment of inheritance tax and gift tax on investment shares of medical practices" applies to medical practices. Utilizing these schemes in a smart way means you can largely defer the payment of inheritance tax and other taxes.

We offer a 3rd or 4th option for those struggling with whether to pass on or give up the business.

In small-to-medium-sized enterprises, often a single manager takes on each large problem that arises. Part of this is inevitable when the small-to-medium-sized enterprise is made up of family members, but it is best to consult with a tax specialist when a problem arises. We will offer all possible options from an objective point of view, using our experience with other companies and actual numbers as proof. Often companies make the mistake of thinking in an all-or-nothing way or they overlook the idea of passing the business on to a third party. When passing a business on to a third party there are a variety of options, including an M&A where part or all of the company is sold, or an MBO (Management Buy Out) where part or all of the managers and/or employees, excluding the owner, are bought out. We can also introduce you to real, potential candidates for M&A.

We are experts in corporate restructuring tax schemes.

Tax simulations are incredibly important in mergers, transfers, company segmentation, and other corporate restructuring schemes. Corporate restructuring with group companies requires consideration on a diverse, complex set of issues, including whether loss can be brought forward from a previous term, whether a large tax payment will be incurred because of transfer pricing, or whether the issues with share gift tax will be resolved or not. The recently-introduced "Corporate group tax system" is something that must also be considered. We can help you with all of these concerns.

Have you created a retirement plan for the former CEO post-succession?

Just as some couples divorce shortly after return from their honeymoon, some couples also divorce after a business has been passed on (divorce after many years of marriage). When you use our advisors, we can also offer support while gaining the understanding of a former CEO's family as we discuss examples from a variety of other managers we have worked with in the past.

It's important to remove the former CEO's bank guarantee when passing the business on, whether to relatives or to non-relatives via M&A!

During the pre-succession planning stage, various measures can be taken if you plan to remove the former CEO's bank guarantee (including spouse). Bank negotiations can be quite difficult if you wait until after the succession. You won't need to worry when using our services, as we offer support from the pre-succession stage.

We consider the greatest tax benefits for you when reorganizing group companies.

We offer support that allows you to enjoy the greatest tax benefits, including: examining ways to avoid taxation on gain on forgiveness of debt and subsidiary aid that doesn't count as a donation, checking transfer requirements for deficits, creating practical simulations of corporate tax carryback schemes. We take great care in preventing transfer pricing and other large tax burdens that result from unqualified organizational restructuring.

Do you know about support for drafting business improvement plans that facility bank negotiations?

Compared to normal bank negotiations, there are many cases where negotiations have been smoother when support for drafting business improvement plans from authorized support organizations like us. Banks desire this type of negotiation, as well.

What are the 3 things you need to do before reorganizing your company?

First, you must thoroughly and in various ways consider as a company whether restructuring is the only direction left to take. It is often the case that many employees and customers are pleased when a company sells off only part of the company and restructures their business. Once all of this has been considered, it is necessary to consider measures for the future vision related to the current businesses of the company and its employees, as well as measures for the future vision of managers and their families.

Considering Southeast Asia in your future corporate vision is a given these days.

We are in a global era, even small-to-medium-sized enterprises. We urge you to consider Southeast Asia as a factor in your future when considering business succession, business selection and concentration, group reorganization, etc. Also consider discovering an unexpected third option. The connection nowadays between Japanese small-to-medium-sized enterprises and Southeast Asia continues to grow stronger, as companies consider Southeast Asia as a place for lower labor costs in manufacturing, a place to expand into a new market, and a source of visitors to Japan to offer a new service. Our representatives have been all across Southeast Asia, giving them the ability to talk about a wide variety of topics.

We can offer consultations on a wide variety of topics besides management.

We have held consultation sessions with managers dealing with embezzlement from employees, unpaid overtime, personal divorce issues, and more.

We deliver unique content each week via email. This includes the latest tax reduction measures, financing schemes, legal systems that managers ought to be aware of, and more.

We also offer counselling for presidents and trends in managers in similar companies.

We introduce you to the Japan Finance Corporation, regional banks, credit unions, city banks, and other financial institutions based on your current state!

We can write a recommendation to the Japan Finance Corporation.

We are experts in responding to tax investigations.

We are unable to assist

  • Managers considering tax evasion
  • Managers who do not intend to become serious about accounting and tax returns
  • Managers who do not intend to become serious about continuing and expanding their company or their own management
  • Antisocial forces or managers involved in such activities
  • Other managers whom we deem untrustworthy

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